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"Get Connected" with Visacomm. Let us help you and your business find your place in multimedia, automation, and security in both commercial and residential genres. Whether you are looking into video wall technologies, home or business automation or simply looking for cutting-edge media solutions, you've come to the right place. We  are here to help you and your businesses find a place in the world of technology!

Get Connected with our Home Automation solutions. Having complete command over your home has never been so easy! From opening locked doors, to checking and changing the temperature of your home, from checking your cameras to turning on the lights on the patio, the possibilities are endless. No matter where you are in the world, you are never more than a cell phone away from your home!

Trying to top the visual magnificence of a Video Wall is a very difficult task. It's sheer demanding presence is enough to leave it's viewers spellbound in technical amazement. In addition to it's sleek style and modern appearance, Video Walls have a number of extremely practical uses. You can display enormous amounts of sweeping data that can be used to impress clients, entice customers, view multiple zones for security and real-time data for emergency response applications. Or simply add a "WOW" factor to corporate displays! The possibilities are infinite!

Visacomm's professional turn-key multimedia solutions are customized to meet your needs. We specialize in giving a personal experience to each of our clients, getting hands-on training with our seasoned professionals for your meeting rooms, boardrooms, control rooms and more. Our solutions are expertly engineered to meet the unique demands of our client application, workflow, environment, and infrastructure. More importantly, our customized never boxed personal solutions are specifically designed to meet the direct needs and goals of each client.

02. Commercial (Foreign & Domestic)

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About Us

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Where dreams come home​

Get Connected with Visacomm. Being on the cutting edge of technology has never been so rewarding. High-end visuals, Articulating Walls, Automation, Rooms that REACT to you entering them. If your imagination can dream it, we can bring it to pass.

We look forward to meeting you! Call today to schedule an appointment.

Networking Solutions


Visacomm's approach to our commercial clients is personal. Making sure that each interface flows naturally is our primary concern making ease of use essential for everyone to use. Always sleek, always functional, always Visacomm.


From TV Mounts to Home Automation, from High-end Security to Home Theaters, Visacomm is ready to meet the demands of the current and next generation. Call us to setup up an appointment.

​Featured Products & Services:

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